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​Some content of possible interest to historians of economic development policy  in Hertfordshire, especially in connection with the role of European lobbying and funding.

1990 06 01 Herts in Europe No 1.pdf (Welcome from the then Chief Executive, Morris le Fleming, implying HGCC was an enabling council. For a description of the changes that the County Council was going through at the time, which facilitated a new attitude to its role in the economy see: Order chaos and change in the public sector.pdf​)

1990 11 01 Herts in Europe No 2.pdf

1991 01 Herts in Europe No 3.pdf

1991 09 Herts in Europe No 5.pdf

1992 01 Herts in Europe No 6.pdf 

1992 06 Herts in Europe No 7.pdf  (report of the county delegation to Brussels in March 1992 that led the way to the substantial funding from Europe in respect of the defence industry crisis - an extra photo showing the full delegation: 1992 03 23 meeting with Vice-President Bangemann.jpg​ )

1992 09 Herts in Europe No 8.pdf (report on the county's success in bidding for European funding from the European Commission's Perifra programme)