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​​​John is an economist with extensive experience of strategy development and monitoring, performance indicators, research commissioning, data analysis and reporting. Central to his experience is public policy and performance, whether working for research institutions or district/ county authorities. Latterly he has concentrated on economic development. 

John helped provide a joint evidence-base for regional economic and spatial policy. This included reconciling official statistics with local reality, particularly for the East of England Forecasting Model; an enterprise he was involved with from inception. Related experience included chairing the East of England Regional Assembly's Labour Market and Economy Group (2007-2010) and advising the East of England LGA. John represented labour market statistics users on Government's Central-Local Information Partnership. His ability was not only recognised regionally and nationally but also by senior councillors who testified to his outstanding contribution. 

John welcomes opportunities to work with clients who are seeking an enthusiastic partner in their quest for improvement.